Amanda Luther, MBA - Assistant Manager for Mountain High Health Foods, contributor for Cody Living Magazine.

Often, customers come in looking for a magical answer to help them shed those unwanted pounds. The difficult conversation is this: no easy solution can be found in a miracle pill or liquid. If it was a breeze to control our weight, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry selling us workout videos, meal replacement shakes, weight-loss teas, fat burner pills, gym memberships and much more. Recently, a new way of looking at controlling weight has become conversation among health professionals and this approach focuses on how your body utilizes the foods you already eat and what might be lacking in your digestive system.

Have you ever wondered why when you change your diet and begin to count calories, eat more vegetables, reduce sugar, etc. those pounds still will not fall off? Our digestive systems are complex and require more understanding. Foods we eat that contain preservatives, man-made chemicals, gluten, pesticides, and non-natural ingredients are not recognized by the brain. Our bodies store these foreign items as fat because our brains do not know how to use the ingredients. Because those items also lack nutrients, the body goes into a preservation mode; not knowing when the body will get more nutrients, the stomach will create more fat to keep stores around when they are needed.

What do you need to do to break this cycle of fat creation? DIGESTIVE ENZYMES can save the day! We all know we should take the enzymes if we don’t tolerate milk or gluten, or if we experience nasty symptoms such as bloating, gas, and acid reflux. Did you know though, that those same digestive enzymes help you break down foods you eat and cut through preservatives so your body can use what it needs and expel the rest? Hence, no more storing foreign ingredients as fat. The critical enzymes are Lipase, Protease, and Amylase. If you don’t have a gallbladder you should also aid your body by making sure your digestive enzymes are paired with ox bile or porcine bile.

Other ways to work with your body to help you lose those pounds

  • Chew each bite of food 40 times. This allows your brain to register you are eating which signals when you are full and results in better portion control. Because your food will be better broken down, more nutrients will be absorbed and used by the body.
  • Take those probiotics! Those beneficial bacteria are not just for your immune system. The good bacteria keep candida and other bad bacteria down which will prevent sugar cravings and help unwanted inflammation and water weight stay off.
  • Use an all-natural aid such as Garcinia Cambogia, Caralluma Fimbriata, or CLA as an appetite suppressant or to burn those stubborn brown fat cells.

Whole books and movies have been made about this very subject and this article is a very brief summation of the science involved in how digestive enzymes, probiotics, and supplements can work for you. The guidelines listed above are a very easy way for you, my neighbours in Cody, to take a step towards reaching your goal weight today. Stop in to Mountain High Health Foods to talk to us more about your lifestyle, changes you can make, and to pick up your supplies to get started.

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