By Amanda Luther, MBA - Assistant Manager for Mountain High Health Foods, contributor for Cody Living Magazine.

Healthy natural living means a lot of different things to many people. Unfortunately, it is difficult to come up with a standard definition, but we can all agree there a few things our definitions have in common. Living our best version of ourselves as naturally as possible can be used as an overreaching umbrella of a way to describe healthy living. Limited interactions with pharmaceuticals, preservatives, and man-made chemicals balanced with low-stress, great work/life balance, and healthy bodily functions are all goals to strive for when living naturally. The idea encompasses all aspects of our lives.

Have you ever wondered why when you change your diet and begin to count calories, eat more vegetables, reduce sugar, etc. those pounds still will not fall off? Our digestive systems are complex and require more understanding. Foods we eat that contain preservatives, man-made chemicals, gluten, pesticides, and non-natural ingredients are not recognized by the brain. Our bodies store these foreign items as fat because our brains do not know how to use the ingredients. Because those items also lack nutrients, the body goes into a preservation mode; not knowing when the body will get more nutrients, the stomach will create more fat to keep stores around when they are needed.

What is the importance of switching to a more natural way of living? There are so many benefits! Natural products utilize the body’s natural healing process and many times are already produced within the body, cost savings, an increased immune system, and overall better health!

Information on natural health can be found anywhere you look and is abundant and overwhelming. It is important when considering natural health and living to find reputable sources. Old wives tales have been used for centuries on advice for natural ways to cure diseases, relieve pain, rid of parasites, etc and are based on some truth. The basis of these tales should be well investigated because of centuries of handing down the advice. Use your resources around you like your local health food store to learn more about how to use natural substances to create improvements in your life and rid yourself of the substances and products that create more harm than good.

Give your health a boost and upgrade by going a more natural route. Your wallet may say thank you for ridding yourself of costly monthly prescriptions, trips to the doctor, wasteful products, etc. Your mind will also be more in connection with your body and nature than ever reducing your stress levels and allowing for your best self to shine forward.

Whole books and movies have been made about this very subject and this article is a very brief summation of the science involved in how digestive enzymes, probiotics, and supplements can work for you. The guidelines listed above are a very easy way for you, my neighbours in Cody, to take a step towards reaching your goal weight today. Stop in to Mountain High Health Foods to talk to us more about your lifestyle, changes you can make, and to pick up your supplies to get started.

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